Thursday, 8 September 2011

Internal Calm

One of the changes that the baby made in me is the kind of peace it brought me. When I am alone and I hold my tummy and just feel the beating heart on my hand, I knew I am in my serene place. It is just amazing, so amazing I am beyond words.

I know that it is ironic to say that though I am the mother, I find security in my baby. It is as if as long as we are together, I know I can get through all the challenges that life has for me. It is such a cliche but the baby has completed me as a woman and as a person.

I used to be scattered brain about life in general yet when I had the baby, I gained purpose. I knew I wanted to give everything I could to him. I know that I may not be able to provide him everything materially but I want to ensure that he would be secured about our love. He would not doubt that we love him.

It is just amazing how much change and direction this tiny life made to my life.

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