Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Calm Preparation

Since the doctor advised me against from working, I took a leave from work to be able to have a rest day. After a month of leave, we have decided that I completely resign from work since the doctor has not given any affirmation that I could go back to work.

It was an easy decision. Though I love my work and working, it was something that I could easily give up if that's the only way that I could do do to keep the baby. For the weeks to come, boredom became my friend. It was something very different for me. I was used to working and doing something so staying at home and not being allowed to do anything was annoying but every time I remember why I had to do it in the first place, the boredom becomes bearable.

During these weeks, my boyfriend and I dreamed all the dreams we could have for the baby. We are at split in the discussion of the baby's sex. He wants a boy and I want a baby girl. So we decided that if we were to have a boy, we'd name the baby Kalel Riordan and if the baby is a girl, she'd be Naomi Neiya. So there, it's either Kalel or Naya :)

On our second visit to the doctor, we were advised the same - I stay away from anything stressful and hard work. The bleeding had decreased but had not completely subsided.

With this, my boyfriend and I decided that I move to Baguio where my Grandma is so that I could have all the help that I could need not to mention that the hospital charges are much lower than in Manila. So I prepared my self for the travel. I rested as much as I could so that the bleeding will subside and drank my meds as religiously as I can, all in preparation for the trip to Baguio.

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