Monday, 5 September 2011

Trickle of Blood

Everything suddenly made sense for me. Though the baby was not among our primary goals, it was certainly change we very much welcomed. 

There were so much thoughts and worries that flooded my mind. First my family did not know  yet that I was pregnant and did his. Nobody knew about it but us. If there was any consolation in the whole situation, it was the strong assurance that I have my boyfriend by my side. H

e did not leave me even for a second. He took care of me and made sure that everything is taken cared of. 

We casually told each of our families about the news and they all welcomed it. The worries that we had collapsed and everything seem to just fall into place.

However when I was on my 6th week, I got very scared because at the middle of our shift, just right after we had our lunch, I saw blood on my pantyliner. I did not know what to do. I know that I was not supposed to bleed. I asked my mom to accompany me to the hospital.

It was a very long wait for the results. And during the time of the wait all I was thinking was please, let my baby be safe. I had my ultrasound and I never knew that an ultrasound could give a person so much joy and relief. There it was on the screen, my tiny baby with its heart beating energetically. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. It confirmed that there was indeed life in my tummy. 

Later that day, the doctor confirmed that the bleeding I had was called subchorionic hematoma and advised me against working and to just have bed rest. And so that started my life of bed rest.

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