Thursday, 15 September 2011

Same Old Road? Hope Not

Since July, Rain and I had been on a long distance relationship. We move decided that I move to Baguio and stay in Manila due to my delicate pregnancy.

Nothing changed between us, our communication has not changed, perhaps we even became more conscious of how important it is for us to keep in touch. We talk about almost everything from television shows to food to his life in the office.

The past couple of days however, we seem to run out of stories to tell each other and when we talk over the phone, most of the time we just say hello not because the line was bad but because the other line was so quiet we just wanted to make sure if we are still talking to somebody on the other line.

I feel scared. What if we already ran out of stories to share each other? I know for a fact that I am a very boring person. What if he got bored of me already.

It's just so scary. I lost our son already and I am too scared that I might end up losing him too. I hope that this is just worthless worry about something non-existent.

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