Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Career Shift

I was in a small party last Saturday with Rain and his team mates (my former team). As I was having a small talk with their Quality Analyst, he asked me about my job and I told him I went back to being an agent. He asked me if I had plans of ever wanting to be a manager again and I said no. I was happy being an agent and working as an individual rather than driving a team to perform towards a goal. He said it would be a waste since I am not using my full potential in my current role. He's probably right, being one of my previous agents he had seen me work and think.

So a few might think and would be quick to judge that this is definitely a wrong career move for me. It probably is. Some might say that there would be no growth for me in this new job and a lot more things. I know because I have thought of them too when I was deliberating about accepting it or not.

It is not just about the money because clearly I earned more in my previous role and I know that I could ask for more had I decided to continue with it. But then, my life's priorities had changed and it is no longer just climbing and breaking a glass ceiling for me. It is fun to be on the top of the pack and leading the team to where they need to be, but there is also a different thrill in working the ranks and interacting first hand with the people who gives you business.

Growth is not always about vertical ascend. Growth can also be found laterally. Growing one's width in terms of knowledge and experience is also growth in terms of individual maturity. I know that I might sound like I am sour graping and just rationalizing my seemingly career limiting move but I found a certain sense of peace in what I am doing now. I find a certain sense of calm in being able to be in control of my own performance and managing my self rather than a group of individuals.

As I have mentioned in the interview I had, at the end of the day, it is just a title and it does not make or define me as a person.

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