Thursday, 19 January 2012

After Moving In

This is probably one of the major if not the major decision I have done in my life. Unknown to both Rain and I, after we have lost Kalel, we both thought about our status - are we going to stay as girl friend -boy friend, or are we going to take this to a notch. I was quietly hoping that we'd push through with our plans of moving together even if we no longer have our baby. It just does not make any sense to me that we would go back to default after all that happened. We shared the same sentiments despite not having been able to discuss this prior.

So January 8, 2012 marked the first day of our lives together. It was an exciting phase for me. So exciting that in the middle of cleaning the bathroom tiles it came to me that I was already living my dream, my fantasy when I was just a schoolgirl. This is already the future that I have dreamed about.

How did my reality fare with my fantasy? Definitely better. It was all I thought I would be and more. Though it was my dream come true, reality is we are faced by challenges. And in this early phase my biggest challenge is adjusting to his personality. Though I have known him before, sharing the same roof with him is a different thing all together. There are quirks to our personalities that we were just learning.

I would admit that there was more than one instance that I found myself in the brink of losing my patience and just wanting to go back to my old life. But then when he held me in his arms as we sleep, as I felt his warm breath fanning my forehead, I knew it was worth all the trouble. This is what I have dreamed of all my life and now here I am living my dream. Not many people are given the opportunity to live their fantasies and actually like them, I would consider myself among the lucky few who had what they always wanted and knew deep down that living that moment is worth all the wait, pain and sacrifices that came with it.

We have just started and we still have a long way to go but I know that for as long as we have each other, I know I will be happy.

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