Saturday, 1 October 2011

Missing You

The days that I miss most are not the days when we both know that we are happy like our anniversary but the days that are normal – when we just sit side by side in the bus, when we quietly eat our meals, when we just enjoy a movie, when we talk about our days. Those are the times that I miss most.
Those are the times when we are not pretentious and we even forget our selves and yet they are particularly comforting. We are not intending to do anything spectacular to please the one another and yet when we look at each other’s eyes we know full well that we have achieved something incredible. Each moment is simply beyond words.

When I hold your hands, I am reminded that being alone is never worthwhile and that I need to share my life with somebody. Somebody whom I feel strongly for, somebody whom I know my happiness rests upon. When I hold your hand, I am reminded that I cannot do this alone. I need you beside me. I need you to hold my hand and remind me how much better of a person I am now because I got you.
I also miss the times when I rest my head on your shoulders. They feel like they were made to do just that – accommodate my head and give it a comforting spot to rest. I miss our quiet moments because in those moments, when our mouths are not talking our hearts are connected more. I ironically understood you more when you are quiet and I know that I also spoke more in silence that I do in spoken language.

 But what I miss most is when I look into your eyes. When I do, I am reminded of the time I knew I was already in loved with you and how much that love has changed me to the person  I am now and how happier I have been because I am with you. I love you.

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